Ramirez Pest Management Inc. - Salinas, CA
Ramirez Pest Management Inc. - Salinas, CA



Featuring EcoPCO - innovative alternatives to conventional pesticides by using technologies from nature itself.

Ramirez Pest Management Inc. is dedicated to providing you the most reliable, professional and effective service to be found anywhere. Ramirez Pest Management Inc. is committed to the principles of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) which means results you want, with reduced reliance on chemical pesticides.

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What kind of bug is this?
Call me and I will tell you. If you would like to try to identify it yourself , one good place to start is InsectDisinfection.org. Another good resource is the county Ag Commissioners office.

Monterey County
1428 Abbott St. Salinas
---------------------------------Santa Cruz County
175 Westridge Dr. Watsonville 831-763-8255

How are you going to get rid of these pests?
Remember, even though our intention is to get rid of the pests, they are not always the only problem. Usually an unwanted presence of bugs is a symptom of another problem. For example, you might have "little flies" bothering you. Are they Drain Flies?, Drasophila Flies?, Fruit Flies? A positive ID of this pest will lead us to the cause of the problem, once that is solved the fly problem can usually be solved with little or no use of chemical pesticides. This approach is the foundation of IPM.
Ramirez Pest
Management Inc.

1663 Cambrian Dr.
Salinas, CA 93906

(831) 809-7348

Residential Service
Our residential service eliminates nuisance pests such as ants, spiders, sowbugs, fleas, ticks, earwigs, rats, mice from residential structures. The first step is to inspect, identify the problem and its source. Then we make a written proposal with our pricing and guarantee. We are available evenings and weekends to make scheduling an appointment easy and convenient.


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